Worth Dying For CoverSara Brady finds a journal and letters that had been hidden for more than a century. She has no idea that reading them will change the course of her life!

“Janet Litherland is a master weaver of stories that span time and space to marry history and modern sensibilities. The heroine of her latest romantic mystery, Forever is a Long, Long Time, is commercial designer Sara Brady whose curiosity and spunk fuel her determination to solve the mystery behind a packet of letters and a journal she found hidden in an antique Duncan Phyfe sofa. Now in her late thirties and still deeply in love with Jamie, an older man no longer in her life, she is struck by the parallels she shares with the author, a Scottish woman who lived and loved more than a century earlier. How did the sofa and its treasure travel from Scotland to Georgia over several generations? And what has become of Jamie, a successful lawyer, whose disappearance from all public records erase his trail? Guided by an amateur genealogist, the Internet, and her heart, Sara pursues the clues to her own surprising future. This book grabs the reader at the outset and maintains suspense throughout to the astonishing final pages!”

— Emily Cary, Author, My High Love Calling
and For the Love of Rosie

Worth Dying For CoverWhen a retired CIA agent is called back for one last job after 30 years of peaceful, anonymous living, her world is turned upside down. Can she survive it?

“Grabbing attention from the opening pages of any novel is very difficult. Mastering that technique is critical, and Janet Litherland does it with style in Worth Dying For: ‘A bullet whistled past Hannah Rosse’s ear as she crossed the living room of her home. It knocked a framed photo off the mantle, and sent it crashing to the floor.’ This is how you keep the reader going from the top of the page to the bottom! What is going to happen next? Readers are compelled to move on. ... The character development is excellent and introduction to this former CIA agent is swift. … Worth Dying For is a five-star book!”

— Clark Isaacs, Clark’s Eye On Books

Sweet Justice In 1946 a poor Tennessee farmer loses his property to a shameless, and deadly, swindler. Decades later the swindler's heiress uncovers the crime and vows to right an old wrong.

Sweet Justice poses an interesting question. Should we just leave the past as the past, or should we make amends? Even if the victims are long gone and their descendants have moved past the wrongs? Even if we had no part in the wrongdoing, are we responsible for our family history? … I am a huge fan of Janet Litherland’s work. Every one of her novels has transported me to another place, where I get caught up in the lives of the characters as if they were true friends.

—Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

Two women—one from the present and one from the 19th century, each with a problem to solve—connect as they travel through time.

Song of the Heart CoverThe Long Road Home invites the reader to contemplate the mystical regrouping of lives and souls throughout eternity. The author treats both the process of past-life regression and the belief in reincarnation common in Irish and other cultures with knowledge and understanding. This thoroughly researched novel propels chills up and down the spine and invites tears of wonder.

— Emily Cary, Author
Peril in Patagonia and The Loudoun Legacy

Set against a backdrop of Ireland and America, past and present, this captivating novel invites readers into the lives of two women who have known each other in past lives, uncovering family secrets and healing old wounds. Janet Litherland skillfully integrates authentic pieces of history, allowing us to feel the time and place of her story. …We witness successful past life regression, experience the pain of starting over in a new country, and embrace the joy of soul mates reunited. This story will keep you turning pages and wishing for more.

— Patricia Sheehy, Author
Veil of Illusion and Field of Destiny

Song of the Heart - Young sweethearts, separated by personal tragedies and thousands of miles, reconnect after 21 years.

Song of the Heart CoverSong of the Heart is a deeply moving story about two young ambitious people who fall in love in Wales over two decades ago. After 21 years pass by, well-known classical guitarist, Susan Evans, travels to Wales in search of her first love. … Litherland knows how to animate her characters with realism and vividly takes you on a romantic, exciting excursion through Wales and London. You cannot put the book down

— Clark Isaacs, Midwest Book Review

For true romantics this book is a “must read.”… The storyline conveys excitement, danger, romance, and passion with realistic dialog that breathes life into the characters. … There is balance and harmony within Song of the Heart.

— Betty Corbin Tucker, IP  Book Reviewers

Vanished—Old letters, discovered 50 years after World War II, prove that a young soldier who was reported Missing In Action was not MIA at all.  What happened to him?

VanishedFor those of us who were children during the Depression and World War II, Vanished brings back many memories.  Janet Litherland takes us there with a skill that makes it seem easy.  She never uses a long word when a short one will do, nor a paragraph when a simple sentence is enough.  She knows Georgia and how her people think and speak, and the dialogue of her characters rings as true as the old courthouse clock. … Vanished skillfully blends this gentleness with the harsh reality of the OSS, the assassination of Italy’s brutal dictator Mussolini, and a mysterious disappearance, into an old-fashioned page-turner.

— Tex Atkinson
Commander, US Navy (ret.), Author
From the Cockpit: Coming of Age in the Korean War

Intriguing but credible characters and attention to period detail, these are what make a good historical novel.  Janet Litherland knows how to craft both.  Settle into your favorite chair and drift off to rural Georgia.  But be ready for a few surprises.

— Ken Libbey, Author
Vantage Points and Midnight in Prague

Chain of Deception—A journey across Ireland leads a Florida woman to her own family, a family she never knew existed.

Litherland’s authentic characters and careful research succeed brilliantly in taking me into a delightful vicarious adventure to the Emerald Isle past and present. This insightful journey into the Irish psyche is wise and wondrous and witty.

— Arthur L. Zapel
Executive Editor/Publisher
Meriwether Publishing, Ltd.


In her current novel, Janet Litherland continues her masterful ability to fully engage the reader in the passion and perplexities of her characters. Dialogue and descriptions, characters and communities capture our emotions and trigger our senses. The reader quickly becomes immersed in this compassionate and compelling story.

— Tim Morrison, D.Min., ND
Healing Plants of the Bible: Then and Now
Letters to My Sons

Discovery In TimeA woman’s life in the 1890s inspires a contemporary woman’s search for her identity.

Just as readers flocked to Iowa’s Madison County in search of R.J. Waller’s covered bridges, visitors to Georgia’s Thomas County will go hunting for the nesting and resting places of one of this novel’s central characters. Written by the region’s most sensitive romantic, this tale of ancestral ghosts and a sleepy Southern town will capture the hearts and souls of women who still remember the intensity of their first loves. Who can let such bygones stay forever buried in time? Litherland’s novel will bring them to life in all their former glory.

— Jayleen Woods
Editor Emeritus
Florida Hotel & Motel Journal

I’ve read many stories that fascinate and charm, but rarely do I find one that lives and breathes with such believable suspense. To merely hold my reader’s curiosity is never enough, but to grip my heart with honest enchantment is a true joy.

—Arthur L. Zapel
Executive Editor/Publisher
Meriwether Publishing Ltd.

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